Little Creek Farms Rabbitry

Little Creek Farms Rabbitry

Little Creek Farms is a family farm nestled in the piney woods of northeast Texas surrounded by beautiful recreational lakes. It is owned and operated by Larry and Linda Black. Little Creek Farms started in 2000 as a goat farm and for almost two decades raised boer goats, but has recently downscaled its goat operation and diversified to where it now has a variety of things to offer.

For one, rabbits. They have a rabbit farm with an abundance of small rabbits to offer ranging from bunnies for pets to mature bucks and does for breeders. They have New Zealand White, California, Holland Lop, and Tamuk breeds. The New Zealand and California’s make excellent show rabbits and the breeding bucks have championship credentials. The Holland Lops are primarily for pets as they are cute and have a sweet disposition. The Tamuk is a large rabbit that can go either way – for show or pet. Little Creek Farms is part of the America Rabbit Breeders Association and the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association.

Secondly, they build custom cedar planters of various sizes. These are constructed from western red cedar. In addition to planters, this cedar can be used to make rabbit nest boxes.

Thirdly, they operate a mulching system that provides the highly demanded western red cedar chips for flower bed and garden mulch.

Fourthly, there are Books. Larry is a published author several novels centered around the Scroggins family. All these books are fictional in nature and filled with adventure while retaining a refreshing clean moral fiber. Each has its unique drama that will keep the reader’s attention.